The Loneliness Of The Short Distance Goalie

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 we are the dreamers
the stoppers redeemers
the tightrope walkers
and goal-line stalkers
big hand wavers
and six yard stalkers
plucking out crosses
palming off corkers
short distant goalies
great pair of hands
the loneliest woman
and the loneliest man

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 guarding that space
and stopping Roy Race
courage conviction
defying description
prowling that box
like lions in a cage
never hit the headlines
on your back page
praying for mercy
the one in the jersey
short distant goalie
great pair of hands
the loneliest woman
loneliest man



Inspired by The Loneliness Of The Goalkeeper. BBC Radio 4 Sat Oct 25th with Hardeep Singh Kohli -Sikh comedian /writer and goalie
.oh no..I can feel a quick limerick coming on:
There was a young Sikh named Kohli
who was an incredible Goalie
he was gritty and urban
and proud of his turban
even when he went roly poly!

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The Loneliness Of The Goalkeeper on BBC Radio 4
Great programme, It features Bob Wilson and poet Muray Lachlan Young singing a great ballad about hero/icon David Seaman’s Paris nightmare lob! Among those who have graced the sticks and risked life and limb are :Julio Iglesias, Pope Paul 2nd, Che Guevera, Albert Camus, Vladimir Nabakov, Bob Wison, Lev Yashin, Fatty Foulke, Bert Trautmann & Williiams, David Seaman, Edwin Van De Sawe, Petr Cech, Peter Bonetti. Ron Springett, Gordon Banks, Murray Lachlan Young and even Crispin The Poet (Sloane Grammar, Chelsea U15s 1958!)
Big thanks to Non Humphries, Hannah and Astro Turf (hi A.T!) for recent inspiring contributions too! More please people.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-loneliness-of-the-short-distance-goalie/