The Tears of Brazil

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 In 1950
The Labour government
Was relelected with a majority
Of just 6 but for Bevin time is racing
Matisse with his bold colours
Won the Grand Prize at the Venice
Art festival and his generous heart
Shared the light with his friend Laurens,
Nijinsky escaped the shackles of his
Tortured mind to take his miracle
Back to heaven
In South Africa a day of action
Was taken to speak out against the
Injustice of racial legislation thereby
Sowing the embryonic seeds of freedom
In Korea the see-saw nature of WAR
Swung from the horrors of defeat to the
Exhilaration of victory, but choose Your side
Your flag Your death for colour television
Has just been born…
In China the sale of children was about to
Be outlawed whilst America prepared to
Sell its soul with the proposals set up by
Joseph McCarthy
Eighty miners died underground
In a colliery fire, many more were to
Follow in the fires of Thatcher’s New Britain…
England lost 1-0 to the United States in a
SOCCER match, but the spirit of the Maracana
Was silenced by a goal from a slingshot a bullet
From the boots of Ghiggia to give Uruguay the soul
Of Jules Rimet and Brazil how her heart wept,
And weeps still.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-tears-of-brazil/