The Twilight of Fergello – a Play

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Fergello: Let me have men about me like Solskyaro art,
Curly headed men and such as sleep o’ nights.
Yond Colo has a lean and hungry look,
He broods too much: such men are dangerous,
Send him to practice Blackburn arts with Souness.
Solskyaro: Methinks mine time hast come!
I will run like an assassin through the Ruud breath of a winter choir,
And in so doing, I shall set the world on fire.
Colo: (aside) You shall mark
Many a duteous and knee-crooking knave
That, doting on his own bondage,
Wears out his time much like his master’s ass,
For nought but provender.
Fergello: Wills’t I stay another year? Time doth fly.
I shall ponder and discuss with the Duke of Kenyon
When he doth return from meeting with the Lord of Uruguay.


I have some hopes that Mr. Lewis-Jones willst contribute more to this play in the future. Pray, raise your quill, oh bard of Bristowe town.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-twilight-of-fergello-a-play/