The Wolves.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It ay summat yow con be praad on,
The way we’en plerd jus lertly.
This lot cor ode a candle to them uz
We used ter shaat for in the fifties.
Bully aside, when ah think uv ‘Chopper Clamp’
Un ‘Billy Wright’, un ‘Peter Broadbent’
Un ‘Bert’ in goal, (not forgerin Finlayson un Parkes),
Un ‘Dennis Westcott’ with is curl
On the front o’ the prowgram.
Un ‘Flowers’ un ‘Hibbit’ (me missis alwiz fancied him)?
Un ‘Waggy’, un little Norman on the wing,
Tummy Galley, Jimmy Mullen, Johnny Hancocks.
Me art erks for sum o them ode uns to cum back
Un do us praad, burrit wow appen,
Cus ahm dreamin,
Wunce in a lifetime to witniss grertniss,
Is a miracle, twice ud jus gi me art attack.


In the vernacular of the region expressing a desire for the return of our old, long gone stars of yesterday when we had a team to be proud of.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-wolves/