There Is A Place (Our Little Football Poetry Site)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 there is a place where we can go
if ever we are feeling low
and should our favourites have been thrashed
or dreams of title hopes been dashed
at home away at work or play
you’re always there both night and day
when wars and famine scare us all
when fear engulfs us big or small
a place to get it off our chest
though self-indulgent we confess
a land where verse replaces chat
a hook to hang our inner hat
you always make us feel alright
our little fooball poetry site

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 though clubs may drain and ever bleed us
it’s here we turn in hope of readers
and here where football friends are found
on PC field or football ground
sentimental sparked emotion
endless lifelong fans’ devotion
loving rhymes or vented rage
flowing instant online page
quaint and ancient dated funny
in the game but not for money
wallowing in pure nostalgia
diatribe or verbal anger
one team poems epic journeys
up in arms or down on our knees
early morning late at night
our little football poetry site



OK. I know! Blah Blah Blah. Crispi gets soppy! A A Milne eat your heart out. But, i was reading a favorite childhood poem to my grand-daughter Freya by Winnie The Pooh legend Mr Milne – about the step you can sit on.. Remember the one in Now We Are Six , that isn’t half way up or half way down, and it made me think of places we go to retreat and to find space. .
A quiet room, the countryside, a forest, Google(!) a pub, MySpace, a club, your old school, ancient
monuments, churches, hills, facebook, lakes, Bebo, grounds., YouTube, the Sea, Glastonbury, meditation, an island, café’s for cake ..wherever ..whatever. And i thought, when everyone else is entitled and encouraged to wax lyrical here on football today or to wallow in nostalgia about their clubs and cubs (hi Kev) grounds and sounds, school teams and lost dreams etc;.I just thought I’d get nostalgic for our little old site…ok? whatever!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/there-is-a-place-our-little-football-poetry-site/