Victims Without A Number

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 They talk about the Hillsborough victims in numbers,
‘96’ is what they always quote.
That’s the figure it says on all the banners,
and all the poems that I’ve ever wrote.
At the anniversary service each year,
96 is the amount of candles that they light.
And it’s on behalf of ‘the 96,’
that we continue our Hillsborough Justice Campaign fight.
There are 96 names written on the memorials,
and its 96 names each year that are read out loud.
We say a little prayer for each and every one of them,
as our heads are all bowed.
But there have been more victims of Hillsborough over the years
so that number 96 is not set in stone.
These are the innocent victims without a number,
and to the world they remain largely unknown
I’ve just sadly heard of another loss of life due to Hillsborough,
so the number of victims still grows.
So at the memorial service today at Anfield I will say an extra prayer, and I will carry an extra rose.


Dedicated to Ronnie King, a victim of Hillsborough without a number.

Taken from the book The Nightmare of Hillsborough.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/victims-without-a-number/