Walking To Greet The Champions

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 what finer sight today than this
on Fulham Road awash with blue
as to a man triumphant
all drenched in May’s unbridled beating sun
these streets that shared our feet and years
what feelings now amid this heaving carefree throng
where streaming past childhood haunts
and tacky fly-pitch vendors their five pound flags a-fluttering
and us like timeless Subbuteo clones in strips of ev’ry size and era
converging merging towards the Bridge
walking to greet the champions

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 some celebration this
some final poignant day
all bathed in sound and light
the game itself a passing blur of blue and red
of contrast shade and song
an ambled stroll no more a starter for this course to come
so hungry we like self-locked prisoners for so long
until at last it’s here
when paper streams and silver gleams
where ends are put to lifelong dreams
I think of those not here
those loyal ones now gone who waited long
for this or such a day
and ponder long this crazy game
for somehow
though well I know
in the scheme of all things football
it never can compare to this
the gift of life love children or this planet
nor breath itself
not Haggendaz nor Glastonbury
or even really fresh mangoes –
but right now – for me with all my silly verse and tears
and some odd forty thousand too I do suspect
it’s right up there – this moment
as close to the tunnel
at fifty eight but feeling ten
and squeezing past bowing laughing security
we move as one
all walking to greet the champions



Chlesea 1 Charlton 0
Trophy day..party time at Stamford Bridge.I’m sat In with the Charlton supporters! Don’t ask..But you had to be there,.hiding colours until the end, and we were! Big respect and fair play to all the Charlton fans that day too ,who stood to a man and woman applauding the champions..This after a dreadful season of survival and a very iffy 90th minute penatly thrown in on top!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/walking-to-greet-the-champions/?shared=email&msg=fail