Wednesday football

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wonderful invention

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for those sharing
A Hard Day’s Night

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should I moan as
there is Wednesday football alone



The day of uttermost impatience when the football match was played a mile from the school was wednesday. That was old UEFA Cup match. The kick-off was not like nowdays at 19:45. The match was played earlier than that and the only way to attend the match was not to attend the school. But how it happened reminds me of Orwell.(George Orwell) The two classes at school who bothered me were finishing near the start of the match. Each of two classes lasted 45 minutes with the interval of 5 minutes. They have been two additional classes in the afternoon after several morning classes. Sometimes I didn’t attend them as a whole. Nothing specific was remarked or noticed by the teacher. But having been there at first class and leaving the second to arrive at the football ground on time it was noticed by the teacher. My headteacher was told that I and someone run away from the school with anger and severe judgement. But If I had been absent from the first class it wouldn’t have been noticed in that way. Nobody at school would point out that we run away from the school. That was in order to attend UEFA Cup match (old UEFA Cup) between Zeljeznicar Sarajevo and Sion of Switzerland in 1984.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/wednesday-football/