Without Mourinho

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the blue revolution can end
before it has hardly begun

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as with the 1910s 20s 30s 40 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s
normal unpredictable underachieving football at Chelsea
will resume as soon as possible

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Scottish prime ministers
wil not comment when managers leave
because normally they disappear or move on un-noticed…
unliike politicians

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post-match interviews can revert to stuff like
“everyone gets on here at the club”
“there’s a good feeling in the camp”
“the lads done well ”
and ..” we can still go away with heads held high
and learn something from today”

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I am back in 1958 ,1967 , 1971, 1983 ,1995 and 2003
thinking what nice cardboard cut-out managers
Docherty, Sexton, Blanchflower, Porterfield ,Neal,
Hoddle, Gullit ,Vialli , Ranieri and all were
and what lovely crazy flambuoyant football we played
but how we’d still never won the league
except with Drake and you

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second third and fourth officials
can sleep easy regardless of decisions
or laptop monitor images proffered from the dugout

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the other big three will gloat and scorn
but remember this
they can never take away the old Shed wall
even after Roman has gone
because it’s a listed building…allegedly!

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we will survive in the Premiership
but never truly understand the meaning of
“leaving by mutual consent”
even after looking it up.. as the departed one suggested

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all terrier dogs will obey quarantine rules

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grey Armani coats will look ordinary and naif
and Emenegildo Zegna raincoats will fade like summer
and re-appear at car boot sales for a fiver

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facial expressions that say everything
and smouldering George Clooney type hang dog looks
that scream hello I’m sexy and gorgeous – even to blokes
will vanish overnight

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alleged phone lines to ‘special ones’
under Portugues training staff hats
at Champions League games
will not be necesary

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managers of Barcelona
will be able to stay in their dressing room at half time
and not worry that they might be accused
of going into the ref’s one by mistake

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omelettes will be eaten in honour
of his last main statement on eggs
and Chelsea wil become a yolk again

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9.19 will a date
all true Blues fans will commemorate
in tears of joy sadness and anger

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GQs runners up for best dressed man of the year award
is totally up for grabs and I’ve got this feeling I could be lucky

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all hand jive instructions
and Latin exhortations from dug-outs will become passé
and will be blasted for being oh so José-esqe

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will we ever again see back to back trophies
roll up at the Bridge
like the proverbial two buses that arrive together
after waiting fifty years ?

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lovelorn female callers
will no longer besiege the BBC
with confirmation of his attraction
beyond managerial achievements

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I’ve lost a connection
even though I only ever stood by you once
in the press room
but was afraid to speak
such was your vibe..

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we’ve lost Hugh Grant but gained Avram Grant

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the blue revolution can end
before it has even begun…

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we never got the chance
to say goodbye to you
at a game



Thanks José for all your brought us and above all your unbelievable ATTITUDE! ……however hated Chelsea have become..(and now the laughing stock no doubt) I will never forget flying out of London airport once past a giant ad of you in that suit and that phone..proclaiming ..”.you can’t manage without one..”
and then flying into Porto airport to see the first ad on arrival was exactly the same one… except it was in Portuguese. Likewise at Fulham Broadway …great days and nights mate…and always the fire and passion. Man U Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, West Ham .Fulham and all other premier clubs look away now..or read on and cringe.

“I pictured a rainbow
you held it in your hands
I had flashes
but you saw the plan
*we took it all in The Shed for years
you came and lifted the gloom*
I saw the crescent
You saw the whole of the moon
The whole of the moon…

You were there in the turnstiles
with the wind at your heels
you stretched for the stars
and you know how it feels
to reach too high, too far, too soon
You saw the whole of the moon”

c.The Waterboys/Mike Scott (adapted*)

(* 2 asterisked lines adapted ..sorry Mike and Steve..)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/without-mourinho/