World Cup kick-off: a Senryu

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“How can a football be round?”,
asks an American

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who knows nothing about sports —
and not even blond!

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About haiku & senryu:

Many 17 syllable & less 3-line poems which folk write as haiku, are actually senryu. Senryu is another Japanese verse, which, like haiku, is written most often in 5-7-5 onji (onji are quite different from English syllables and most haiku poets now write in less than 17 English syllables). Haiku are usually grounded in nature, traditionally with a seasonal reference (kigo), and relate to the human by implication, emotional tone and associations. Other persons or oneself may sometimes be ingredients of a haiku, and many kinds of humor, too. Senryu, while they can include kigo, are very focused on the human situation, and often are verses of biting wit, sarcasm, irony, understatement, pathos. Some may resemble one-liners with a “punch” at the end.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/world-cup-kick-off-a-senryu/