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Dagenham & Redbridge FC Food Hub

Sir Geoff Hurst once told me
When I was not much younger
Football can more than do it’s bit
To help beat widespread hunger

At Dagenham & Redbridge FC
They serve all colours and ages
Hedgecock put the needy first
While a global pandemic rages

Football serves covid kindness
With Chris, Ben, Bel and Steffy
Humdum* busy sharing comfort
Mental elf, homeless, the elderly

07 07 20

© emdad rahman

#coronachronicles #thewanderinglondoner

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On Our Way

I’m tempting fate to get this down
amid the hopes that swirl around
but has the moment comes around
to get into the league?

It’s not about the vegan pies
nor playing under Cotswold skies
our taste is for a greater prize
to get into the league

it’s not the eco world that’s planned
electric cars beside the stand
we climb the hill with heart in hand
to get into the league

we’ve been here only twice before
sometimes it’s hard to not ignore
the days and nights that we endure
to get into the league

we’ve dreamt and waited for so long
to rectify where we went wrong
we’re on our way we sing this song
to get into the league

the time for superstition’s done
and battle lost or battle won
our goal will still remain as one
to get into the league

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