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Just To Be A Fan

this path we call a journey
is taken without plans
we turn up in all weathers
with head and heart in hands
we gaze like sheep upon these hills
we rise and fall as one
the seasons that hold promise
are all too swiftly done
belief is often threatened
and though we understand
no-one knows what we go through
just to be a fan

the hope they say that kills you
will keep your dream alive
when you are gliding at the top
or battling to survive
the range of your emotions
can differ by the hour
and though your songs are clearly heard
you do not have the power
to be out there upon the field
to help them win the prize
to influence what’s going on
there before your eyes

you stand or sit in sun and rain
you cannot stay away
and come what may when Monday’s here
you long for Saturday
the threats of relegation
they hang above your head
how different barely years ago
when you were top instead
your rivals laugh and taunt you
and say I told you so
the winless weeks drag on and on
but still you have to go

you turn up on those Groundhog Days
with head and heart in hand
you sing and drum with purpose
as if you have a plan
you never stop believing
you rise and fall as one
you watch the the season glide away
until the games are done
you never can explain it
and no-one understands
the stuff you have to go through
just to be a fan …

but you always still believe…
…well -dont you?

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/fan/