Poems tagged ‘Crystal Palace Roy Hodgson’

Palace in the Roy Time

We’ve had ‘em all,
the hired guns,
the journey men,
the over the top of the hill.

Managers promising stability,
and less of a football thrill.

Pulis and Pardew.
Neil, Sam, and the Ollie.
Drawn by our desperation,
and the right amount of lolly.

We’ve tried to progress,
step up,
move on.
But each time we try,
we go back
to square one.

This time
we got lucky,
know he’s the one.
The steady hand
local boy,
Roy Hodgson.

His timely resurrection
is just what we need,
and his wish to play like Brazil.

So, we’ll stick by Roy,
especially if we manage
to create his de-aging pills.

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