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The boys of Brazil miss out but it’s Messi time.

Back from Brazil and Rio
And the high seas
The land of samba and sensuality
My lovely wife and I
Where the arcadian rhythms
Of South American dance
And music hugged the Copacabana
But this year the boys from Brazil
Will salsa and samba no more
For a while at least
Shut out by the harlequinade red
and white diamonds of Croatia
The Brazil coronation will not
Be with its orb or sceptre
Shining its eternal light on the
Timeless nirvana of its yellow shirts
In Pele and Garrincha, Di Di, Va Va,
Tostao, Gerson, Jairzinho, Socrates
Rainbow spectrum of passes, intricacies,
Conspiracy of patterns, provocative thoughts
But yet the Latin tempo
Will remain at the magically hedonistic feet
Of the inimitable one,
Lionel Messi, so richly deserving
Of a Jules Rimet World Cup
Turning Croatian defenders inside out
Rather like thick woolly jumpers
Before checking back, jinking with
Balletic pirouetting on dainty toes
And then steering the ball back across
The face of the goal for Alvarez to make
Sure of World Cup Final meeting with France
Argentina and France in a World Cup Final
Oh sheer nectar.

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WC 2022 Semi Finals

    SF1: MmmmMessi

Messi’s magical masterclass…
More memorable than most?
Mesmeric in front of the masses
Mercurial medallist dumbfounds (immoral) host

Morocco’s momentum
Offers a modicum of optimism –
But no amount of heroism
Can stop Leo the Magnificent / Messi the Immortal


With our hearts

The Atlas Lions
Underdog scions
With the lovefest off the charts

But it’s France
Who glance
Towards Final glory

And its Griezeman
Just like bees can
Who adds a sting to the story!

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WC 2022 QF4: Fine margins

Sat 10/12/2022
France 2-1 England

For me, that was even stevens
Two great teams, giving it their all
Just what you want
When it comes to the very best of football

But then….
Where there’s nothing to choose
But fine margins….
You want every call
To be on the money
Nothing funny
In terms of bias
Or belligerence
To effect
The winning difference

It should have been all about “Hatrick Harry”
But only 1 goal, I hear you parry…
1 scored, 1 missed, 1 not given
But I’m driven, by fairness, by sticking to the rules
Not to treating those of us that have played, as albion-stricken fools

When the most obvious penalty, has to be given by VAR
(and where was the red? Oh how my heart bled)
It backs up that feeling from earlier
When Harry the burlier
Was felled from behind
Granted, a close call
But when offside is defined
By a 3-D plane
Then so should it be
When a wrap to the knee
A forward weaving their spells……

If I were forced
To opine, without recourse to the man in black
And the back-ups, who obviously lack….

Kudos the to the French
I do hope they go on and win it
Perhaps only, so that we can spin it…
We went toe to toe
With Mbappe et al
Walker his equal
And oh for a sequel…
Pickford plucky, Stones supreme, Maguire transformed
Shaw adept, Henderson sound
Bellingham and Rice, their composure continues to confound
Foden fenced in, but Saka so skippy
And all back to Harry… if only…..
T’would all have been…

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The jewel from Newell

Messi, Messi, Messi,
Bless he, bless he, bless he
Guess he, guess he, guess he
Doesn’t need advice from me!

And when you draw breath and think about it
A misplaced pass from Messi
Is about as commonplace as
A substantiated sighting of Nessi!

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WC 2022: Arrest day (a rest day)

There was a young fella named Bertie
Whose predilection didn’t include Gertie(s)
He went to Qatar
They found him bizarre
And now he’s banged up watching CR7 get shirty!

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WC 2022: Ode to el Capitano…

Hey Mr Cool
don’t be no fool –
make sure you give out
berate and sharply shout
at all those around you
whomsoever may confound you;
those not pulling their weight;
those late –
into a tackle;
those not prepared, to shackle, their opponents,
nor willing to bring the components
of work-rate and skill
to all those of us that thrill
at your task….

it’s not a big ask
but just be cognisant
that tho’ you may be confident
we expect you all, to enthral, at this footy ball
and we, we shall be both excited and yet nervous
and expect you – to be at our service!

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Hosts humbled by Ecuador

Qatar 0-2 Ecuador

Sizzling opening scenes in Qatar
A launch with the good and great
The hosts struggle to get far
After a poor game at Al Bayt

It was all too a comfortable win
Enner Valencia’s double
Had VAR not got in
It would have been a treble

It’s the first time a host
Loses the opening match
Next up on the signpost
Are Senegal and the Dutch


the wandering londoner
© emdad rahman

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/qatar-world-cup/