WC 2022: Ode to el Capitano…

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Hey Mr Cool
don’t be no fool –
make sure you give out
berate and sharply shout
at all those around you
whomsoever may confound you;
those not pulling their weight;
those late –
into a tackle;
those not prepared, to shackle, their opponents,
nor willing to bring the components
of work-rate and skill
to all those of us that thrill
at your task….

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 it’s not a big ask
but just be cognisant
that tho’ you may be confident
we expect you all, to enthral, at this footy ball
and we, we shall be both excited and yet nervous
and expect you – to be at our service!




Watching Brazil lining up in the WC2022 Last 16 match, vs South Korea.
Me being a Chelsea die-hard, Thiago Silva (el capitano) is the epitome of Mr Cool…..

The mark of a man?
Neymar chewing gum during the playing of his own country’s National Anthem!

and I started writing, anticipating a cagey match, with Brazil’s flair being met and perhaps even being over-run by Korean industry….

S Korea:
Their starting line-up:
Goalkeeper & all the back four : all named KIM!

At time of writing and submission…. 35 mins in….

Brazil cruising…. And 30 mins on the clock – Richarlison scores a goal that will sear into the memory – puts them 3-0 up – this one, a hat-trick of keepy-uppies with the head before a sublime give and go and slide rule finish.

Ally McCoist classic….
for Goal #4

“It wasn’t as good as the last one… this one was only excellent!”

And yes, this written and submitted before the first half even finishes!

Edit #1
H-T pundits:
Each goal celebrated with a cool samba dance….
3rd goal…. Richarlison did his dance with his on-field team mates, then jogged over and did similar with the subs bench… including Tité, the manager….
cue Roy Keane…. deadpan….
“I’m not happy with the manager joining in”

Nobody says it bitter/better!!!!

Edit #2
Brazil 4-1 S. Korea

So South Korea won the 2nd half!

Brazil took their foot off the pedal.
They also substituted Allisson, and didn’t bring on Ederson, but 3rd choice Everton, which means they are the only country to have given match minutes to every single member of the 26 man squads.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/wc-2022-qf-ode-to-el-capitano/