Poems tagged ‘Stanley Matthews’

Matthews in 1953

Matthews played faster than ever
to spark songs forever
approaching the goal line
to sublime
His sixth sense is beyond
any mathematics
and Blackpool’s goals
the years of cheers
and his paces are
the football science’s

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The Magician-haiku

Sir Stanley Matthews
the wizard of the dribble
for Blackpool and Stoke.

Football magician
full of tricks out on the wing
with ball at his feet.

The Matthews Final
Blackpool 4 v Bolton 3
Tangerines lift Cup.

Still played at fifty
oldest international
fit as a fiddle.

Red and white stripes
pride of the potteries
a legend of Stoke.

Hundred years ago
Sir Stanley Matthews was born
a real superstar.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/stanley-matthews/