Matthews in 1953

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Matthews played faster than ever
to spark songs forever
approaching the goal line
to sublime
His sixth sense is beyond
any mathematics
and Blackpool’s goals
the years of cheers
and his paces are
the football science’s


Dedicated to 1953 FA Cup Final
Editor Note: Great POEM Gacina! . Lovely writing style. No Bozidar mark 1 ‘same year coincidences’. here, just a great simple poem about the the great honest Sir Stan.

I saw his last game at Stamford Bridge one Easter. Years later and more recently I was running a football poetry workshop with ‘Pottamus’ ***the Stoke City mascot!at a school in Stoke for the club .

On my way back tot he station, I stood in the snow in front of his statue, all covered in white in the empty town. Really moving moment.. RIP Stanley Matthews.

*** Why A Hippo for Stoke mascot and why Potamus for a name ?
POTteries / HipPOTAMUS

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/matthews-in-1953/