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France & Belgium Semis Bound -Day 20

Europe holds the cards
France and Belgium semis bound
in this mad World Cup

Uruguay 0-2 France

such a strong display
France begin to look the part
wil they go the course?

always in control
one sweet touch and one mistake
sees Les Bleus march on

stripped of Cavani
Uruguay end below par
for their hordes of fans

Brazil 1-2 Belgium

should we be surprised?
De Bruyne and Lukaku
power Belgians through

passion and belief
tactics heart and Belgian strength
sends Brazil boys home

outshone and outdone
Neymar falls and puffs in vain
to the bitter end

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World Cup day 20

Les Bleus reach the semis
Uruguay 0-2 France

Not since 2006
Have France made the last four
Oscar Tabarez’s men
Were today shown the door

We contrast the fates of the keepers
After Raphael Varane’s header
Sheer brilliance from Lloris
A howler from Muslera

Edinson Cavani a huge miss
Failing to make the bench
Griezmann let fly, Muslera flapped
It’s a semi for the French

06 07 18

© emdad rahman

Brilliant Belgium beat Brazil
Belgium 2-1 Brazil

Never in history
Where the global teams gather
Has a World Cup winning team
Been led by a foreign gaffer

Fernandinho and De Bruyne
Diving Neymar in an aerodrome
Augusto with a consolation
Sorry Brazil go home

There’s still much to do
Kompany reigns the celebration
It’s now time to rise
For this golden generation

06 07 18

© emdad rahman

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France Uruguay+Farewell Messi Ronaldo -Day 16

rivalries aside
for Ronaldo and Messi
time to say farewell


France 4-3 Argentina

in this Russian heat
two proud nations lock their horns
France emerge and stay

this new prodigy
Mbape with youthful touch
tears Argie apart

fluent style and pace
dancing on our global stage
Allez on Les Bleus


Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

like an eagle swoops
Cavani the pouncer here
with such stunning goals

Ronaldo forlorn
Portugal again fall short
Uruguay stand tall

chances come and go
Sky Blues here remind us all
grab them while you can

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On Day Sixteen

France v Argentina

Mbappe sur une Kyllian spree
Inspires Les Bleus pour gagner 4-3
(Thought I’d chance me arm, at a bit of the old Francais)
T’was a tres magnifique sight to watch
Till I screamed selfishly, “Oi Deschamps”, at me goggle box…
“Don’t sub him (Mbappe) yet, leave him out there, let him play”.

Argentina head for the plane
With a case of what might have been…yet again
For a clearly – I don’t fancy this – Lionel Messi
While their former talisman in the stand
Cigar in God-like podgy hand
Tells all who’ll listen…”Please Don’t Cry For Me”.
Uruguay v Portugal.

T’was a case of the old one two
For Uruguay, in this no prisoners taken duel,
Against a Portugal side being carried by a name
Once the threat of Ron was snuffed
By Godin – a canny defensive pain in the butt –
Uruguay won as a team, albeit one on another plane.

Their strong team ethic clearly works
I mean…two centre forwards getting stuck in where it hurts?
In order to win the ball back if it’s lost?
Plus their beautifully crafted deuce of goals last night
(Well worthy of another look again in the day light)
Moves me to say of them, “U R The Guys (sic)…the rest must try to stop”!

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World Cup day 16

Boy wonder Mbappe sends Argentina home
France 4-3 Argentina

With the magician it’s so simple
You look up, locate his place
Don’t go on a mazy dribble
You play it to Messi in space

Griezmann with a penalty
Rojo with a clumsy foul
Angel lashes home a stunner
Behold Maradona’s howl

Messi shoots on goal
Deflection by Mercado
There’s unrest in Les Bleus ranks
What’s Didier Deschamps’ throw?

With the focus on Messi
Pavard’s missile allez, allez!
Mbappe the first teen to score
In a World Cup since Pele

Aguero with a late consolation
El Jefe Mascherano retires snappy
Mbappe the boy wonder
Will live long in memory

La Celeste concede but go through
Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

Uruguay hadn’t been breached
For six full games in a row
Not that huge a surprise
Their stoppers are from Atletico

One nil to La Celeste
Smacking off Cavani’s face
Pepe is free to head home
Edinson curls a beauty with pace

El Matador retires hurt
Quaresma joins the front crew
Godin and Gimenez close shop
Oscar Tabarez’s men go through

30 06 18

© emdad rahman

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World Cup day 12

El Hadary the star but Saudis take spoils
Saudi Arabia 2-1 Egypt

A 45 year old makes history
Evergeen Essam El Hadary
Taking Faryd Mondragon’s record
Saving Fahad Al Muwallad’s penalty

There’s that Red forward
Salah the Egyptian gem
Brilliantly lobbing the ball
Over Yasser Al-Mosailem

El Hadary conceded two
His countrymen left bereft
Salman Al Faraj’s spot kick
Al Dawsari with seconds left

Charruas make it three on the trot
Uruguay 3-0 Russia

The home party is muted
Cut to size in Samara
Fernando Muslera breaks a record
His country’s most capped ever

Russia had scored eight goals
Home support makes them tick
Falling behind to the Charruas
Suarez drilled a clever free kick

Worse for Cherchesov’s boys
Cheryshev was unlucky
Akinfeev blocked Bentancur
But Cavani pounced for three

Ansarifard quells Quaresma
Iran 1-1 Portugal

Somehow unfulfilled
Yet so colourful a career
His right foot flick pure madness
That for you is Ricky Quaresma

Television is taking control
VAR once again to the fore
Ronaldo fluffs a penalty
He’s still on goal number four

Lucky escape for Ronaldo
VAR once again to the fore
Ansarifard’s penalty spot on
Portugal second and a little bit sore

VAR leaves La Roja leading group
Spain 2-2 Morocco

Spain survive a scare
As VAR catches many on the hop
Iran’s late goal against Portugal
Sees La Roja finish top

Morocco are home and
They’re really not so bad
Khalid Boutaib keeps his cool
Isco levels in Kalinigrad

Youssef En-Nesyri heads a second
VAR awards Aspas’ flick
Spain will now play Russia
Maroc get ready to go home

25 06 18

© emdad rahman

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WC2018 Day 7 – haiku

big boys out in force
Ronaldo, Suarez, Costa
who else of course

~ # ~

one-nil common score
Morocco and Saudi out
alas already

~ # ~

somersault throw-in
we all wanted to see it
aborted desires

~ # ~

Gareth jog amiss
Southgate restrained by shoulder
no more punching air

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1-0~ 1-0~ 1-0 haiku-WC Day 7

Portugal 1-0 Morocco

like some one man team
Ronnie breaks Moroccan hearts
only four mins in


Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia

Suarez is the key
Saudis toothless lock is picked
Uruguay march on


Iran 0-1 Spain

Costa on the bounce
knees one in past brave Iran
who gave ev’rything

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World Cup day 7

Ronaldo knocks out Morocco
Portugal 1-0 Morocco
Ronaldo again with the magic
This time an in the box spinner
At the Luzhniki Stadium
Yet another World Cup winner
All eyes on the Madrid star
After his hat-trick against Spain
Maroc lost the bid too
A whole kingdom feels the pain
It took the captain four minutes
Morocco failed to spot the threat
Diving onto Moutinho’s cross
An unstoppable header in the net

20 06 18

© Emdad Rahman

Suarez swoops to send Charrúas through
Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia

Luis Suarez once again
Creates World Cup history
The very first Charrúa
To score for Uruguay in three

One nil suits his team fine
Atletico Madrid on the global stage
Saudi were at best lacklustre
They seriously need to engage

Top of the table with Russia
El Pistolero’s goal will suffice
And to Phil Neville we say
They’ve only won the damn thing twice

20 06 18

© Emdad Rahman

Spain edge Team Melli
Iran 0-1 Spain

La Roja scraped a tough win
Sit with Portugal atop of Group B
They made it hard but still
Got an unconvincing victory

Spain’s only goal came
After Rezaeian and Costa met
An unlucky clearance
Ricocheting into his own net

Team Melli rallied
Smashed home by Ezatolahi
Wild celebrations ensued
But VAR did not agree

20 06 18

© Emdad Rahman

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Late Late Hat-Trick haiku-WC Day 2

Egypt 0-1 Uruguay

toothless Suarez finds
La Celeste left lacking bite
til that late late goal

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Morocco 0-1 Iran

95 upon the clock
in another late late show
settled by own goal

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cristianogal 3-3 Spain

early and late late
Ronaldo lights up the night
as only he can

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