kevin raymond

Hi. I’m a football fan foremost, and even though I say it myself, a pretty dour cynical Chelsea fan after that. Which you’ll most probably grasp after reading some of my poems here on this site.

I like to think as Albert Camus, did before me, that the wonderful game of football has taught me all sorts of interesting things about people and life in general, be they good, bad or indifferent. All of which I’ve tried to portray within the poetry I’ve written on the beautiful game (sic).

Anyway that’s enough of the old football philosophy from me for now folks, seeing as I’m just trying this profile writing lark out at the moment (to see if it works?) Though I will be adding loads more interesting stuff about both a modest me and my quite blinding football poetry in the not too distant future for you dear reader to peruse at will.

Until then. Stay well , be lucky and keep smiling.

Oh and try to remember…it’s only a bleating game!




Poems by kevin raymond

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poets/kevin-raymond/