1966 – Biafra

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I remember ’66
With Ibo fighting Hausas,
Muslim and Christian militiamen,
Butchering each other
Scrapping over religious causes
I remember Biafra
With babies bulging bellies,
And bombs and bullets and bayonets,
When only bandits had boots
And soccer was never on tellies.
I remember Ben
Writing books and pleading,
For tribal rights in Shell drilled land,
When government greed for oil
Ended our Okri reading.
I remember further back
The Niger and the coastal plain
Fed wooden ships of migration,
With Ibo tribes people in the hold
Held under lock and chain.
I remember Africa
When it was airbrushed red
And Lagos was not portugese,
No more, but British to the children
Christian born and bred.
I remember England’s year
When they wore shirts of red
And Harold’s ‘Backing Britain’ plea I heard
Watered patriotic fervour in me
By World Cup Willie I was led
I remember the people’s game
Bringing joy from harmless fun
Now I’ve picked Nigeria in the draw,
Which poses quite a dilemma
Should I back the boys from the sun?
I remember solidarity
Supporting poor black ‘voters’
Africa, Come so far since 66
So I’ll cheer on Nigeria
Pour encourage les autres.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/1966-biafra/