1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Young Diego Maradona of Argentine Fame
Played for the Juniors of Boca where he did make his name
For Five Million Pounds
He was Catalan bound
But appeared not to keep both his feet on the ground…
In the Spanish World Cup in the year ’82
It seemed there was nothing of worth he could do
Tackled and taunted by those who defend
His initial World Cup came to a pitiful end
In a moment of madness from deep in his loin
His left foot made contact with Batista’s groin!
So off he was sent to consider his deed
Solace and comfort he surely did need…
The year ‘86 was his time for revenge
The ‘BARCELONA DEBACLE’ he sought to avenge
As captain of country would he lead oh so well
Inspiration and flair made the ‘Argies’ excel
But with his talent and poise it seemed rather odd
That he would need any help from the right hand of God!
Though with goal number two ( Shilton tried his best to retrieve)
Was just out of this world, one quite hard to believe!
While not scoring a goal in the final cup match
He proved that his talent was the best of the batch
Among pride and much joy his ambition was set
And with both his bare hands clutched that old Jules Rimet
The symbol of power and potential worldwide
And a shiny gold medal he could keep by his side…
But let me now tell you of a young man I reckon,
Can conquer the world, has the surname of Beckham
Who headed up North though Leytonstone born
Made fans from the South feel so sad and forlorn
Loaned to the club known as Preston North End
Where his free-kicks and corners would swerve and would bend
Became a young starlet, met a lady so nice
One made of honey, of sugar AND of spice
Continued to flourish while scoring great goals
Threatened to leave the onion bags filled with holes
Then in nineteen hundred and ninety seven
Prayers were answered from the Good Lord in Heaven
Moldova the side , he did make his debut
And from central midfield was encouraged to do
The magic and miracle of a rare wonder strike
Opponents discouraged and then put on their ‘bike’
Retreating from shots that young David would take
Ones that will score or could DECAPITATE…
In the year ’98 Becks had to sit, had to wait
Columbia found out that this lad would be great
In a whirl and a curl did the ball find that spot
The ‘keeper well beaten, make a save he could not.
But against Argentina who they played the next round
The world of Prince David fell right to the ground
A mere ‘tap’ on the ankles of ‘Senior Fake and Phoney’
Caused the fall of a man by the name of Simeone
So Becks was sent off his head lowered with shame
In truth and in fact had to shoulder the blame
But the young lad was strong and was filled with desire
To show his best side, not fight fire with fire
Won many more medals since that fateful day
Doubters and critics won’t stand in his way
Then Sven came around, was the one to redeem
And Becks remained skipper of his new England team
Assuaged all our souls, made us all sleep in peace
With a superb free kick that he scored against Greece!
My wish for this year, two thousand and two
We’ll bring home the bacon and bid failure adieu
And against Argentina, those rivals we face
Kind David will reign in his prime and his place
We don’t want any fuss and no feuding this time
A big three nil victory will do us ALL just fine!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/a-tale-of-two-davids/