Being a Fan

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 If you’re a true fan
then you understand
what it is to follow your team.
Through rain and shine,
blood, sweat and tears;
thirty, forty, fifty years,
you’re always there.
There in the same red
plastic seat or glued
to the radio in the lounge
adrenaline racing, heart pounding.
Or pacing, pacing up and down.
You might be miles away,
but in your heart you’re
always there living the dream,
following your team;
it’s in your blood
and you can’t give it up.
And you want your kids
to feel it too,
feel the passion as
the ball caresses the
back of the net;
the wall of noise that
greets your team’s winning goal;
the howls of derision
at the opponent’s miss;
the kiss of the badge
that means so much;
the touch of the midfield maestro.
You want them to join you
as you travel the
length and breadth of the country
supporting your team,
living the dream.



Along with 2 of my sons and their friend I had one of my better days as a supporter of Swindon Town FC, winning 3-2 at Brentford’s Griffin Park. Some thoughts on what it is for me to be a fan, 35 years and counting.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/being-a-fan/