Boro v West Brom. (17-02-2007)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The gathering crowds are showing just exactly what they think,
Of the man that they call ‘Mogga,’ who brought us from the brink,
In 1986 when the days were, oh, so dark,
And they finally locked the gates on the glorious Ayresome Park.

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Throughout the football world, most people then assumed,
That our favourite team – The Boro – was most assuredly doomed,
But, on Mogga and his mates it seems they simply hadn’t reckoned,
For they then ensured that better days, most certainly, soon beckoned.

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 So, on this lovely day, that is so very much like spring,
Let us say a massive “Thank you,” to those lads for everything,
Especially to this Boro hero, a great and local chappie,
Then, hopefully, at the end, we’ll send him home unhappy.

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 West Bromwich Albion, under Mogga, I really must confess,
Are gunning for promotion and enjoying great success,
And a win for them today: their first in 55 long years,
Would no doubt have them swinging from the nearest chandeliers.

5 Leave a comment on verse 5 0 Stewart Downing went for glory but he drilled it rather wide,
With Viduka in the six-yard box and definitely onside,
Waiting for a tap-in and the very best of starts,
But hopeful Boro fans were left with only heavy hearts.

6 Leave a comment on verse 6 0 Albion were tormented: the Duke twisted and then turned,
A great block by Curtis Davies ensured that he was once more spurned,
He saved a certain goal; of that there is no doubt,
And one thing is most clear: this’ll be no Boro walkabout.

7 Leave a comment on verse 7 0 Kamara is a handful and he left defenders trailing,
His shot deflected: Schwarzer saved: thus leaving Mogga wailing,
It’s a quite intriguing battle, played at times with some panache,
And given fans, I’m certain: tremendous value for their cash.

8 Leave a comment on verse 8 0 Downing showed his quality with a ball from way out right,
Arca’s name was on it and truly perfect was the flight,
As Julio stood there unmarked, it landed squarely on his head,
So that will do for starters: now, can we put the game to bed?

9 Leave a comment on verse 9 0 But ‘Baggies’ wouldn’t lie down, despite that early shock,
And danger-man, Kamara, was allowed to run amok,
We almost left the back door open and then nearly paid the price,
Had Kamara, like greased lightning, been a little more precise.

10 Leave a comment on verse 10 0 With the interval fast approaching Boro’s defence was agonising,
And when Albion got their just reward, ‘twas not at all surprising,
Andrew Taylor sold his soul and gave Kamara too much space,
And he left goalkeeper Schwarzer with much egg upon his face.

11 Leave a comment on verse 11 0 As Kamara took advantage: quick as the proverbial flash,
With face as red as beetroot big Mark made a complete hash,
The shot was totally fumbled and Albion’s aims were now confirmed,
When, under Schwarzer’s body, the ball amazingly then squirmed.

12 Leave a comment on verse 12 0 With the seconds ticking down on a half that’s been enthralling,
Curtis Davies sent Yakubu, well and truly sprawling,
A penalty was awarded and for Davies came a booking,
Then Yakubu chose to take it, with half the crowd not looking.

13 Leave a comment on verse 13 0 Their minds were on last Tuesday, when there came a scene so rare,
The calm and cool Yakubu had an absolute nightmare,
When missing twice from twelve yards, he wasn’t awfully wily,
Then up he stepped and mesmerised the Baggies ‘keeper, Kiely.

14 Leave a comment on verse 14 0 Then Woodgate had a rush of blood to his normally cool head,
His knee-high lunge was awful and he just escaped a red,
So, the game’s still balanced nicely and it’s proving quite a test,
And the very high-flying Albion have left everyone impressed.

15 Leave a comment on verse 15 0 ———-

16 Leave a comment on verse 16 0 We most certainly need a third goal just to put this game to bed,
Then a great ball from Kamara left the Boro lot for dead,
Paul McShane, Albion’s fullback, found the Boro out of shape,
When he fired high above the bar that was a great escape.

17 Leave a comment on verse 17 0 Boro fans were anxious, as we’ve not yet made a start,
Then former Black Cats’ Phillips did upset the applecart,
With a shot that was deflected and we paid the highest cost,
We really make things very hard, but all is not yet lost.

18 Leave a comment on verse 18 0 Around the Riverside right now it’s the Baggies fans a’ singing,
For it’s now in their direction that the pendulum is swinging,
Manager Southgate, on the sidelines, is almost going off his rocker,
So what have our favourite Boro now got left inside their locker?

19 Leave a comment on verse 19 0 Jason Koumas could have won it with a quite amazing dribble,
How many warnings do we need? We really cannot quibble!
Southgate rings the changes and he’s looking agitated,
For, should we now concede a third, he could never be placated.

20 Leave a comment on verse 20 0 With time ebbing away, the Boro pressure was sustained,
But now, it would appear, some lads were looking somewhat drained,
And Albion, to their credit, remained as cool as cucumbers,
Boro’s efforts came to nought due to the sheer weight of numbers.

21 Leave a comment on verse 21 0 So, 2 – 2 was the verdict, an outcome we were dreading,
And now it’s to The Hawthorns for a replay that we’re heading,
But, at least the Boro’s interest in the FA Cup’s not closed,
Though, once again, I have to say, their frailties were exposed.

22 Leave a comment on verse 22 0 We had hoped it would be Albion full of misery and grief,
But it’s Boro who go home now with some feelings of relief,
Though we’re still in Monday’s draw, let us not get too excited,
Let us just await The Gunners, maybe Chelsea or United.

23 Leave a comment on verse 23 0 The chairman may be grateful for the extra revenue,
But I’m sure that both the managers have a totally different view,
So, will February 27th be the Boro’s day of reckoning?
Or will we find the gates to Wembley remain open and still beckoning?

24 Leave a comment on verse 24 0 George Kirby

25 Leave a comment on verse 25 0 (17-02-2007)




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