Cloudy Rainy Sonnet

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The press picture you, wandering lonely as a cloud
Deep in thought, as solemn a manager as ever seen
But that’s because you are scrupulous and proud;
The Fifth Estate, are as happy as they’ve ever been.
The tabloids tittle tattle, with their speculation and intrigue
Bandying names about, as replacements; rumour is rife
Hampering preparations, for Premiership and Champions League
Pressure though, it comes with the job, even happens at East Fife.
On the pitch, old foes and unknown quantities beckon
Meticulous preparations, will certainly be required;
A shift in alliances, will see a certain Senór Beckham
Let’s hope its our own stars tho’, that are the ones most admired.
But will you still be with us, steering from the helm
Or will the strain of Abramovich’s billions, simply overwhelm?


in homage to Claudio Ranieri, beleaguered manager of Chelsea,
who has kept a calm and respectable air about him,
while the press undermine his position with daily reports
of who is lining up to replace him.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/cloudy-rainy-sonnet/