1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Hey Dixie, there’s a player who is after a game.
Here’s his details Dixie,
That’s his address and there’s his name.
He’ll be waiting there for Dixie, on the corner of his street,
Hey Dixie, have his kit washed, pressed and neat.
Imagine match day without Dixie,
He’s been preparing for the game for days,
All a player is ever bothered about
Is whether or not he plays.
Hark I hear a call,
The referee shouts, ‘where’s Dixie?’
He needs more air pumped in the match ball.
Dixie looks after the bucket and sponge,
He keeps them in the boot of his car,
Dixie will run the line if he has to,
Dixie is really the star.
Grassroots men like Dixie,
To the game they are a gift.
Don’t forget now Dixie, the new lad needs a lift.



An ode to men like Dixie, without them we would not have a team.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/dixie/