Farewell, Scotland

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Auld Lang Syne
Amid the rousing skirl of
Heart warming bagpipes
But Scotland are on their
Way back home
The fading odours of
Whisky and a wee dram
Consolation none at all
This was never going
To be an easy watch
Since Germany were
Light years ahead
Of the noble cities
Such as Edinburgh and Glasgow
Dundee and Aberdeen
And Switzerland had only
To hear the Alpine flugelhorn
With tinkling cowbells
To leave the Sassenach spirits
With too many mountains
To climb and reach
Goodbye Tartan army
With your navy roars
Of historical
Flags of honour and
Gallantry, of course
Time to forget what
Might have been
The penalty that should
Have been given
All hypothesis
William Wallace,
Mary Queen of Scots,
Billy Connolly
Sean Connery
They’ll be raising a toast
In the lochs and glens
No shame or regret
Proud Bonny Scotland
But Hungary
Perhaps briefly doffing
A deferential cap
To the vastly incomparable
He must have been foremost
In Budapest minds
A winner at the end


So it’s farewell to gallant Scotland knocked out by Hungary in Euro 2024. You were though both brave and heroic so well done.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/farewell-scotland/