Forest back in the big time.

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Where once Cloughie lorded
It on high
Pacifist against QPR
When long ago
The League Cup
Threatened his tranquillity
But Cloughie rounded on
Violators with the wildest
Of flailing fists
Young man you have transgressed
Never darken these corridors
At the City Ground again
But Brian Clough knew purity
When he saw it
And advocated the principles
Of terra firma, football flowed
With the fluidity of the River
Old First Division champions
Twice in a row
But at the end of the 1970s
When it seemed
Punk rebellion
Had burnt the midnight oil
And then broke out with
Riotous intentions
Forest were paragons of virtue
Liquid gold on grass
Passing of diamond
And yes quite topically
Platinum with a lustre
Matchless and timeless
O’ Hare, Mcgovern, Gemmill,
Robertson, Francis, Burns,
Lloyd, Birtles, conductors
With a thousand batons
Footballing engineering
Of the finest draughtsmanship
Then European Cup holders
Twice in succession
Miracles written in the finest
Handwriting. But Malmo and
Hamburg knew their place
For Cloughie and Taylor
This was another day in the office
In boxes now exhausted
Go on lads you deserved the
Plaudits, fulsome bouquets
Of lavish praise showered
Upon you again
But the City Ground is alive
Again but never really died
Nottingham Forest back
In the big time
Soulful and delighted
To be here.


Nottingham Forest have returned to the Premier League.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/forest-back-in-the-big-time/