Her Majesty the Queen

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Amid the sorrow and grief
Of the loss felt
By the multitudes
Around the world
Her Majesty the Queen
Passes into the chapters
Of history
Now resting in peace
But leaving love and
Adoration and reverence
Across the global frontiers
Oh splendidly and wholeheartedly
Seven decades of delicious
Regality and matchless serenity
We’ll never know though
Whether you were Arsenal
Or West Ham
A Gunner or Hammer
But certainly
Metropolitan leanings
Rosettes and banners
In sumptuous taste
Next to golden chests of drawers
Decorating the rich embroidery
Of your palatial surrounds
Perhaps a rattle or klaxon
From some 1950s Cup Final
Ebb and flow
For Her Majesty’s first was
In her spectacular Coronation
Year, 1953
Weeks before the formality
Of grandiose tiaras and crowns
Perhaps Her Majesty donned
The Tangerines shirt of Blackpool
As the two honourable Stans
Matthews and Mortensen
Men of determinedly working
Class roots, grounded pragmatism
Wove, stitched, teased, enticed,
Lured Bolton into a false sense
Of security, Matthews, cunning,
Mischievous, shuffling and shifty,
Playing childhood games with
Impressionable white Bolton shirts,
Jinking, darting and then the low
Cut back cross for Bill Perry
That rang the bell for immortality
Footballing deceit complete
Skulduggery from the wing
Her Majesty witnesses her first
Blackpool rock show
Her Majesty embraces the seaside
Breezes wafting around the old
The most discerning observer
We feel sure
Bolton though just forgotten
In the seven- goal blizzard
But your Majesty we will
Always remember your May
Appointments with the FA Cup
Final, perhaps your loyalties
Were always divided
Indifference to it all
Disinterested by the loud
Cheering from swaying
Crowds and vibrant chants
And , the free kicks
And corners, the vital
Last minute penalty
For Her Majesty you
Had nothing but
Celebrated impartiality
To any result or replay
Once declaring that Britain
Would see some fine football
At the gastronomic feasts
Of 1966 World Cup treats
Unaffected by the joys
And the triumphs of the
Beautiful Game
But now Her Majesty
We’ll never forget your
Charm and dignity
Your lifelong affinity
To horses and racing
The steeds and thoroughbreds
From the finest paddocks
Her Majesty of beauty and strength
Stamina and unquestioning
Longevity, your impeccable service
Highbury or Upton Park, though
We’ll never know
But the world and football
Salutes you
We’ll never forget you
Our glorious Queen



My eulogy to our glorious Queen, rest in peace, dear lady.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/her-majesty-the-queen/