it’s a great time

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Another season
nears the end,
had results, to drive you
round the bend.
every ref we get
seems to be a clown
all hell bent,
to see us go down,
it’s same ol same ol,
week in, week out,
ya blood pressure rises,
and ya mouth does shout,
all we ask is fairness,
no fuss, if you dare,
no-one likes us
and we don’t care.
we’re not going up,
well not this year,
we ain’t really worried,
or won’t shed a tear,
cos hopefully
next season,
party time, in our
part of town,
why you ask,
cos hopefully, West Ham,
will be coming down,
two games to us that’s
second to none,
a jolly boys outing,
fun, fun, fun,
the passion the pride,
for both sets of fans,
all come out to play,
even those given bans,
so roll on next year,
can’t wait to get started,
not for the weak,
or even the faint hearted,
please don’t feel pity,
or feel any shame,
or even tell us
it’s only a game,
this is,
millwall v west ham,
our lifelong dream,
you feel like a cat,
that’s licking the cream,
so c’mon on you lions,
stand high, stand proud,
we’ll sing out for you,
loud, loud loud,
take a deep breath,
my london town,
it’s a great time,
for us, millwall,
when west ham utd,
er, the mighty irons.
simply come down.


our neighbours from across the river………….

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/its-a-great-time/