Let the voyage begin Gareth.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 1 So Gareth it’s all aboard
The voyage into the unknown
Tales of the mystical Middle East
World Cup tales of derring do
Disapproval ringing in your ears
England expects
But this is morally bankrupt
Surely, Qatar in winter
Football on soiled turf
How can we reconcile ourselves
To the illegitimacy of it all
The prohibitions, the forbidden
Booze, human rights abominations
Outraged hearts and minds
How could they?
They could and they will
Global football under the microscope
Viewed intensely, seriously and
Of course, critically
England and Wales this time
So the world will gaze over
Delicately carved valleys
Deep into the eyes and ears
Of Cardiff, Swansea and Llanelli
Gareth Bale’s voluptuous left or
Right foot the one that unnerved
England in Euro 2016
But now six years later
And the men from Harlech
Will whistle down country lanes
Or Welsh male and female voice choirs
Will find another rhapsody
From sweet diaphragms and
Passionate men of gold
Find a welcome on the hillside
And yet Gareth Southgate
Prepare yourself for the
American song book where
Sir David Beckham once found
His vintage years after the
Legendary Manchester United
Seasons of joy
Then Iran will face
England with yet more
Reservations trailing behind them
Iran, it has a sinister tone
But time to leave politics on
The traditional back burner
Before the Welsh fires
And wholesome flair
Will meet on harmonious grounds
England, Gareth Southgate
We all wish you well



So England fly off to Qatar for the World Cup.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/let-the-voyage-begin-gareth/