1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Wenger won the title,
without a league defeat,
even though Robert Pires,
was accused of being a cheat.
Ranieri the proud Roman,
became the runner up,
and reached the final hurdles,
of the European Cup.
Fergie galloped in at third,
but had many sleepless nights,
nowt to do with football,
but with a gee- gees breeding rights.
Gerard Houlier nosed in at fourth,
with a team minus heart and soul,
and now like half of Liverpool,
he’s signing on the dole.
Sir Bobby won a E.U.F.A. spot,
but he’ll need some hardware soon,
if he is to stay a hero,
to the punters on the Toon.
Losing on the last day,
to United was a killer,
but Dave O’Leary will be pleased,
with sixth for Aston Villa.
Charlton’s Alan Curbishley,
bought players at a bargain price,
and he cantered home in seventh place,
pipping Bolton’s Allardyce.
Chris Coleman excelled at Fulham,
despite selling his top star,
and having to play their home games,
on the turf of Q.P.R.
Brucie steered in Birmingham,
to a comfortable tenth spot,
and McClaren won the League Cup,
to claim a E.U.F.A. slot.
The Southampton Saints marched alone,
when Gordon Strachen stepped aside,
but Paul Sturrock took the reins,
and gave them back their pride.
‘ Arry Redknapp, wheeled and dealed,
to save Pompey from the drop,
and an impressive thirteenth finish,
gives ’em another season at the top.
Spurs got rid of Hoddle ,
saying they were sick of getting beat,
but they didn’t do much better,
under the whip of David Pleat.
Souness with his dodgy heart,
for a time let things get panicky,
and Keegan had a team at City,
that were on the verge of anarchy.
Despite doing well the year before,
this year they had no joys,
and Everton escaped just by a length,
under David Moyes.
Micky Adams watched his Leicester fall,
in a season full of pain,
and half his team were locked up,
on a trumped up charge in Spain.
Leeds started off with Peter Reid,
and then turned to Eddy Gray,
and they found themselves relegated,
and in financial disarray.
David Jones brought up the rear,
despite some brave showings by his side,
but unfortunately for him and Wolves,
they’re back in the Nationwide.

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 So all you coaches enjoy your summer,
and get rid of all your cares,
cos another season is soon beginning,
and with it more gray hairs.



June 2004

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/premiership-managers-race-results-2003-04/