Probables v Possibles.

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Why can’t we bring them back
When the reserve team defenders
Faced the first team attack.
No quarter asked or given
And we all got in for nowt
The season curtain raiser
And what the game was once about.
No meaningless pre season tournaments
Against clubs from distant shores
And a chance for local lads to shine
And to hear the fans applause.
Bob Stokoe facing Milburn
And Robledo v Charlie Crowe
Summer games at St James’ Park
All those years ago.
Aye probables versus possibles
When we all got in for nowt
Special times and special games
And what the game was once about.



Can anyone else remember these games ?
We got in for free back in those days at St James’ Park
but nowadays they will expect us to cough up 25 quid
to watch two teams who are still on their holidays.
Editor Note/Crispin::
Well I certainly remember them..except that we didn’t have probable or possibles we only had unpredictables, impossibles and improbables!
S we called ’em Blues v Reds and First Team v Reserves..
pre season ..ground a third full.even if it was only 6d or 1/- ….
.but then i also remember bunking off
school to see England v Chelsea in a practise match
on a rainy Wednesday afternoon in the 60s for free.
(They just left the gates open).We’d read about in the Telegraph that morning (me and my Blues fan/class-mate Vince) and we ended up being in the next day’s paper chatting to Greavesie (who played for England against his own cub that day.) It made it a bit difficult to explain to Mr Badbreath Stimkins in class the next day actually!

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