The Supporter’s Prayer (for Rooney et al)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Our players
who art in silly-money heaven
Narrow be their game
thy payback will one day come
when they’re all paid as one
at small clubs as it is at big clubs
give us a break from greedy agents
and manipulative stars
and give us fans respect
and our game back
as we give over millions
to those who totally disrespect us
lead us not into total frustration
and deliver this game
from it’s mercenary level
for this is our game
the people and the supporters
for ever and ever
shelling out for our team


All power and no glory!
Players holding clubs to ransome is nothing to applaud in my book.Wayne is not alone. Not the first , won’t be the last.
And i do applaud Ian Holloways’ voice aginst the system.

Poor, lost and miserable in South Africa ….
Poor this season for Man U
but look…. it’s all ok now.We love you again Wayne – because you will start scoring goals again now you’re sorted….financially!

Thursday”I want to leave Man U ” Friday ” I’ve got the rise i wanted ”
Player power? Fan loyalty? Yeah right. Expect mass badge/cheque/endorsements kissing. This game!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-supporters-prayer-for-rooney-et-al/