When Will You Discover Me

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When will you discover me?
Sign me up.
I’m free next week
To make my debut
In the cup.
But you’re not here,
And I’m beginning to doubt
If you’ll ever
My faith in you is waning,
Especially as it’s raining,
And I’ve been in this sodding park
For hours;
Dawn until dark,
And the weather forecast
Said only light showers.
I’m starting to think
I’ve had enough,
But my friends said you’d come,
Said you knew Brian Clough
I’d never heard of you,
But they said you were big,
Behind the scenes.
They also said I’m gullible
Whatever that means,
But I’ll take it as a compliment
And carry on waiting
For you to come
And see me play.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/when-will-you-discover-me/