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Never happy fans

Wanderers fans divided
Ian Evatt is to blame
Fans are going mental
Because we don’t win every game
But many have a solution
They think they know it all
Then get them to the training ground
with a track suit and a ball.

I know were never satisfied
Please give the bloke a break
His squad’s been hit with injuries
And it’s really hard to take
But an International break ahead
Gives the manager much needed space
To get our injured players fit
And back to the promotion race.

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5 April, 1902
Scotland one
England one
Match unfinished

9 March, 1946
Bolton Wanderers nil
Stoke City nil
Bolton win two nil on aggregate

2 January, 1971
Rangers one
Celtic one

11 May, 1985
Bradford City nil
Lincoln City nil
Match abandoned after forty-two minutes

29 May, 1985
Juventus one
Liverpool nil
Juventus win the European Cup

15 April, 1989
Liverpool nil
Nottingham Forest nil
Match abandoned after five minutes

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A Poem For Ari (aged 8 months)

In the beginning we kicked stones
against brick walls.
Drawing the man, we slide tackled
on broken glass.
Our stadium was a damp, cobbled alley
lit by street lamps.
Burnden Park rattled and roared with
every skilled pass.

I proudly wore the number 31 as
a badge of honour.
We were part of the awkward squad,
the school’s best team.
The photo shows a gang of youths unsure
where the spotlight shines,
But not Mick and me: looking into the distance
we dared to dream.

Mick came on as a sub against Man City,
roomed with Big Sam:
And by then I had failed my trial and
cried from the heart.
But true passions never die, they are
just redirected:
Now my life’s defeats and victories are
there in my art.

Much is contrived and Pythonesque in
this beautiful game,
And in all of life’s small rewards
for which we fight:
Yet the striving, the desire, can survive
those empty stadiums
With replays proving the ref wrong
even when he is right.

Now my son’s red studs are flying as
he marks each man,
Equitably learning to deal with
the hand of God.
He cannot predict the final score but
this much he knows:
Play hard, play fair, and you’ll always find
a place in the squad.

Ambitions, disregarded like lost clothing
on a muddy pitch,
And certainties fade; and the goalposts
will constantly move;
And you, Ari, a new prospect, will be clocked
by armchair punters
Who will see what you are, what you do,
and then disapprove.

Each day young dreamers have their hopes
dashed unfairly,
And brick walls and broken glass
still block their way.
But in life, kid, there are no hurdles,
only challenges:
Find space, create, adapt, give your all; and
live better each day.

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We finally did it.

We’ve done it, the lads have gone and done it
The whites are going up
The celebrations ran through the night
As if we’d won the cup
It means so much for the fans of this club
After the mess they’d been put through
The long long road to recovery
Has long been overdue

But I never thought promotion would happen
Nor even a play-off place
We were down near the bottom of the league
And ended up in the title chase
It’s been a massive team effort
And the owners should be proud
Let’s hope things return to normal
And the team can play to a crowd.

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It’s All Looking Good.

It was our final day of existence
When our club was saved by the bell
After those previous dodgy owners
Placed our fans through sheer hell
Their grasp was like a tightened vice
Unwilling to let it go
They held the club to ransom
They were the lowest of low.

We began new life in Division Two
Recruitment came thick and fast
But these weren’t Ian Evatt’s players
And we knew they wouldn’t last
The recruitment guy was ousted
Yet the season had begun
The games came thick and fast
And very few were won.

With a few players out and new ones in
Performances improved no end
We’ve now won six games on the bounce
Evatt’s found that winning blend
But not just are they winning games
The teams performances thrill
The style of football is impressive
It’s just like watching Brazil.


I Miss Football

I miss going to Football
Covid 19 keeping fans away
It’s on TV so I suppose its ok
And it’s on every day
Artificial crowd noise accompany the play
Nothing like watching from stands I say

I miss going to Football
Especially having the crack
A pint and a snack
Watching my team get back on track
Giving away fans flak
Ooooh I want football back

I miss going to Football
But now I watch from my chair
Premier league or EFL, I don’t care
I see many players with flair
Then I see my own team’s nightmare
All because I can’t be there

I miss going to Football
I miss watching my team
It’s a place to let of steam
But now I watch a TV stream
My team’s lower than a submarine
Premier league again, I can only dream

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From Premier league to league 2

A journey from the Premier league
To the point of going bust
How the hell did we end up
With owners we couldn’t trust
The EFL seemed blinkered
Not a care for club nor fans
They couldn’t pay the players or staff
No money no ideas or plans

So here we are in division 2
And we have been here before
But that was many years ago
When it was old division four
I never thought we’d end up here
Were lucky the club survived
At least we have a team to cheer
Since our new owners arrived,

Wigan are another fabled example
Of owners who couldn’t care less
They thought they’d make a quick profit
But they have left the club in a mess
A buyer would solve all their problems
But these are difficult times
Will Wigan Athletic be added
To a list of EFL crimes

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Wanderers return

What a day for the Whites
we’ve almost signed a team
Nine new players signed today
This week seems like a dream
Football Ventures took us over
what more could we ask
If we are to Survive in division one
It will surely be a task

It was quite an embarrassment
getting beaten every game
Those young lads who donned the shirt
They cannot take the blame
But now we need some points on board
our season now begins
And no more five nill thrashings
Lets turn defeats to wins

All this transfer activity
Has caused a bit of a stir
Our rivals in division one
They say it’s just not fair
Because those who’ve already beaten us
Have had an easy ride
And those that’s yet to play us
Will find us a different side.

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