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When You Can’t Be There

no-one can explain it
no-one understands
Sometimes it’s impossible
and way out of your hands
off somewhere or hard at work
you had to wash your hair
but ev’ry fan know how it feels
when you can’t be there

if you’re with the ‘big boys’
and always being shown
in pubs or clubs or online streams
or maybe yes at home
it’s quite another world away
from what it’s like down here
on good old local radio
when you can’t be there

your mates confirm they’re going
you hurry time along
but still you build up for the game
the rituals go on
and there with just the radio
it’s often hard to bear
imagining the way it looks
when you can’t be there

and everybody’s different
the things that they go through
entwined with all the other stuff
this life bestows on you
the other world you love and loathe
and those for whom you care
who either get or can’t believe
your longing to be there

so sometimes from my trusty dial
they help me understand
the beauty of a real live game
for ev’ry football fan
where commentators are like friends
whose nervousness we share
they make it oh so sweet again
When you can be there..

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