Poems tagged ‘Club Badges’

Football’s for Birds


Every Saturday is filled with birdsong
with Throstles at the Hawthorns on the wing;
Eagles will fly high above the Palace
while Sheffield’s Owls keep clear of Bramall Lane.

Canaries set a top cook’s heart a-flutter;
Bold Robins strut their stuff across the leagues;
Harriers revered in Kidderminster,
at Spurs a cockerel crows above the stands.

Leeds was once the home for Owls and Peacocks
and Linnets greet the faithful at Kings Lynn;
Bluebirds soaring over Cardiff’s city —
but Gulls and Seagulls make a fearful din.

Graceful Swans were such a revelation,
like Blackcats stalking Magpies at The Toon;
eyried Liverbirds above their city
know Anfield’s crowds will never walk alone.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/club-badges/