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Before And After All This

God decides,
Or human actions on earth decide,
Somewhere between
God, Humans and Earth.
Football had the strange transition period
Once people spoke of the Barcelona crowd
causing the smallest earthquake
after the goal.
Nowadays, such an earthquaqe
is not going to happen.
The human battle against
Coronavirus must be won
and then – once again the joy and the
roar of thousands will cause the smallest earthquake.
Let us hope
that such a phenomenon
will be coming soon.
Coronaviruus crises must end.

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a little birdie…

Notes on a summer’s eve jog, during the pandemic

they all look on…
the raucous rooks rollick:
“hey porky, you’re too unfit”
the jiggedy jackdaw japes:
“you’re too infirm”
the swooping swifts swipe:
“you’re too slow!”
the picky pigeon proffers:
“you’re like my juicy worms – no legs!”
and the wriggly wren whispers:
“you’d never cut it you know,
not at your age”….

and though they be the words of a sage –
from my elevated position mid-jog
I still take a longing look across the verdant valley
over to what was a manicured park
where regulation white lines
are now masked (as are we)
by un-tamed, over-lush, emerald swards
rather than the hordes
of excited onlookers

And my mood isn’t helped (on my return home)
as I watch son #3
rummage and rescue
then lob his abandoned boots into a bag
and cycle off to meet his buddies
to assuage their craving
for socially distanced: passing, shooting, saving
and no doubt
a tekkers-bout…..

“Jealousy, jealousy, custard
Stick your nose in mustard!”…..

alack, in this spell of labyrinthine lockdown
I thought I’d grown to like and admire
that trilling, flame-breasted robin! 🙁

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Barracking Trump

Can we do it?
Yes we can!
And we did
We went out and we played our matches
Bettered the opposition when we could
And enjoyed sporting contests
With fluent football to the fore.

But now we regrettably face
An opponent that side-swipes us
Invades and infects
And trips up our lungs, squeezing them
To oblivion.

In our post-match analysis, the finger pointing has started
With a clarity emerging
That we had a better class of defenders
Under previous management.

“Absolute chaotic disaster”
Would be like Fergie calling out Mourinho
Or Keano dissing McCarthy;
Instead we have Obama, amidst the drama
Voicing our firm suspicion
As too many more
Head to the mortician.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/coronavirus/