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Trevor Francis

Shocked to the core
Trevor Francis
An England legend now
Passes into historic lore
Sadly no longer with us
At 69, tragically young
A gentleman through
And through
Above the decadence
Of the nightclub circuit
A 16-year old goal scorer
Supreme, honest as the day
Is long. Dedicated to his
Craft, a career
Chiselled with tools of the
Finest craftsmanship
A Brummie at first
With Birmingham blood
In his veins
Scoring from every
Goals from the
Most learned
Pythagoras Theorem
Thunderous drives,
Natural poacher
And trusty landowner
In hectic penalty areas
This was his domain
His football fiefdom
Then Cloughie came calling
And none ever hesitated
When Brian Clough was
In the vicinity of victory
The first million pound player
Forest memorably illuminated
By the shining torch
Of the Midas Francis touch
Swooping to head in against
Malmo in one European Cup Final
And then another winners medal against Hamburg
Injured but undaunted
It was so complete, so heartening
Uplifting to the soul
Briefly at QRR, Rangers of Glasgow
And Sheffield Wednesday for a while
But then in latter years
The respect of his contemporaries
No longer though
The powerful force of old
Although always championing
The new and upcoming
Trevor Francis
We salute you

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Farewell Dec

So farewell Dec
We knew the day
Would arrive
Where once trod
The educated feet
Of Bobby and Billy
And now your good self
Firstly we were privileged
To witness the fabled
Mooro and Bonzo who once
Graced the hallowed turf
Of Upton Park
Where bubbles floated
In perpetuity
But now
Parting is such
Sweet sorrow
Rather than obvious
Absence will indeed
Make the heart grow
A repetition of cliches
You must forgive us
Oh watch the dam burst
With tributaries of tears
Since the age of 14
Where the Bridge of Sighs
Must have taken the deepest
Of breath
Chelsea in the mists of history
But then properly
And judiciously your
Sat nav transported you
To East End palaces
West Ham, now engraved
In your soul
Claret and blue
With distinction and honour
It was back in June
When the last valedictory
Gestures were made
Goodbye Declan
We’ll miss your literary
Knowledge of the game,
Reading studiously
In the West Ham academy
Of academies
First class university
Of life. A 2:1 degree
UEFA Conference League
Winners medal to boot
The platform is there
For you at the Emirates
Where next season
Your loyal Hammers fans
Will shower you with
Praise and flattery,
An abundance of approbation
You will never ever be
Forgotten along forgotten
Country lanes
For London was always calling
Now East heads North
Dec, a Gooner now
Signed and sealed, underlined
But you’ll always be one
Of ours
Declan Rice
We wish you well
Our friend of the
All embracing community
Of the London Stadium parish
The red carpet of rapturous
Next season
You’ll always be welcomed
Like royalty
Forever more

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