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Liverpool – FA Cup winners 2022!

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool
Liverpool win 6-5 on pens

Dogged Trent, Hendo, Mane
Salah hands Jota the wheel
Virgil off, but there’s Matip and Konate
Mentality monsters are real

Both sides do all but score
Relentless Diaz with the tricks
Time runs out on the dance floor
It’s all down to penalty kicks

Is there a more end to end nil nil?
Glory for which German Schnauzer?
Klopp’s pesky Reds so know the drill
It’s Tsimikas the Greek Scouser

Liverpool ain’t finished yet
Could still be four, or three
A season never to forget
And there’s still that trip to Paris

14 05 22

© emdad rahman

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Liverpool beat Inter Milan

Ah another special night for the Merseyside choirs
The liver birds in full song
Liverpool hit the highest notes again in keys of their liking
Last night Inter Milan toppled from their mighty perch.

Former European giants revered as the Italians
Who once spoilt an English summer
Last year in Euro 2020  final signatures
A perfect storm and  calligraphy
Writing on yet another page
Of Liverpool’s highly esteemed document
Of the highest  quality
When Roberto Mancini wore those fashion Designer clothes
And England wept uncontrollably, sobbing into a million glasses
Of indescribable misery, ales of ailing misfortune
Then penalty fiasco, the cold Shoulder of shuddering defeat

But last night Inter Milan
Once under the legendary ownership of Helenio Herrera
Fell helplessly at the feet of those star-spangled,five star
Five times triumphant European Cup winners Champions League  whatever  your choice

Last night it was Bobby Firmino and the Egyptian wonder of Liverpool’s global impact
Mohammad Salah who signed, underlined gave their ringing endorsement
To the gladiators of old when Kevin Keegan,
David Fairclough, Ian Callaghan, John Toshack
Terry Mac, Kenny Dalglish, Steve Heighway
And memorably Tommy Smith
Whose delicious meeting with his head set Liverpool

Forward to Roman roads and the Amphitheatre of victory against
Borussia Munchengladbach in 1977
When Liverpool and the European Cup
Became enduring allies the one and only
Harmonious Mersey Beat where Gerry Marsden
Once sailed in pristine waters
And never walked alone more like the vast congregation
who once gathered in idolatrous mood
In Liverpool’s glorious historic churches preaching the virtues
Of pass and move and still do in the homely pews
Of Anfield’s Sunday Best, dearly beloved

Liverpool, serial conquerors on colossal nights in Europe
When Fairclough leapt like the proverbial salmon
From the subs bench and lit up Merseyside
Like a thousand torches while anthems hummed rhapsodically
From the adoring Kop, tumbling, swaying, surging
At kick off, half time, full time a mellifluous majesty of sound
Liverpool football club United always
But not to be mistaken for Manchester,
Now that would be sacrilege

So Liverpool back to their finest strings and woodwind
Inter blown away by Jurgen Klopp’s most perfectly tuned
Band of men, immaculately hewn, sensing
The Champions League in their breaths,
Wintry vapours left in their trail
Blustery winds of fortune here in dear old England
Storms of Dudley and Eunice, no certainly not last night
Since Liverpool were sweeping their own inimitable brand
Football of pure and white as the driven snow so beautifully
And ready to show

You can almost hear the emperors of Shanks and Paisley
Bill and Bob composing their sweet ballads again and again
Pleased as Punch , thrilled as the first dawn chorus
When everything seemed possible, was achieved
And still is over and over again.

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