Poems tagged ‘Luis Enrique’

Fratelli d’Italia.

A re-ignited Spain, should be applauded
Their efforts praised, and rightly lauded
Luis Enrique (of Gijon), prepped a proper mustard team
Hats off to an out of sorts Alvaro Morata
A shadow up-front, an area he often failed to flatter
Whom under death-threats, kept alive a nation’s dream.

Once again, Italy, catenaccio in their DNA
Stand resolute (as one) to seize the day
Tis a sight to see a committed team defend for fun?
Yet despite the classic Italian counter attacks
I thought Forza Azzurri might well win the match…
Witnessing their incandescent Fratelli d’Italia sung.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/luis-enrique/