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Penalty Shootout in Zero Gravity

It was Barry’s idea, so
he only has himself to blame.
For all the thrill of orbital flight,
of seeing the Earth from space,
those journeys are so damn boring.

I admit to sneaking the ball in,
and that Barry was winding me up.
The running commentary didn’t help,
calling me Gareth Southgate,
him being Andreas Köpke.

No one could have predicted
the ball would hit the airlock button,
just when Barry was leaping up,
trying to stop my rocket blast,
straight to the top left corner.

Perhaps he’ll be a hero yet,
get a glove to an asteroid
hurtling towards the Earth.
The slightest of deflections,
nudging it over the bar.

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Last Minute

In a cheap plastic pew
With a right blinding view
We soared at two, two.
Through the ensuing hue
I mouthed toward you,
“What d’yer think? Will we win it?”.

Suddenly, a mere slip of a kid
Cost us seventeen million quid
Stuck his hand in the way
Of a straightforward save
Caused those gathered to bay,
“Oh no…he hasn’t, he’s give it”.

Home fans wince aghast
Away fans, triumphantly laugh
Savouring that final half minute
After a mere slip of a kid,
Cost seventeen million quid,
Proper went and dropped us, right in it.

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WC2018 Day 19 (post)

It takes many years of hurt
To learn how to blurt……

~ # ~

small steps
on a long road
cobbled with miss-haps
yet hopefully
studded with glory

~ # ~

say it again
keep saying it
try to get used to it
get your head around…
the fact
that at a tournament ground
the bells chime….
and England
have won a World Cup Penalty Shootout
for the first time!!!

~ # ~

just when it looked like
we had history repeating
and the usual bleating
and blaming the cheating
up steps big Jordan
and with Pickford competing
the curse we’re beating
and booking our seating
at a Quarter-Final meeting!!

~ # ~

Hands together…

We prayed against for the tease of pennos
We prayed that Cuadrado had a mare
We prayed that James would be injured
And that Kane played without a care

We prayed that Pickford didn’t have to pick
Any ball out of a net
We prayed that Rashford wouldn’t be rash
And that we all had a winning bet!

We prayed that Walker would be racing
We prayed that Stones would stand tall
We prayed that the Bury Beckham
Could bend it around a wall

We prayed that Ali wouldn’t dally
We prayed that Hendo would keep it tight
We prayed that Sterling would cash in
But above all
We prayed that we’d win the good fight!

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WC2018 Day 19 – haiku

usual story
penalty dilemma / curse
Pickford’s big strong hand!


nerves were frayed, Kane calm
senses working overtime
ecstasy abounds


giving Nation and
Vintners Association
a shot in the arm


like playful puppies
jumping all over the place
Bulldogs jubilant


Los Cafetoros
Ground up by Pickford’s strong hand
Bean and gone


in the wise words of
philosopher Brad Bobley
“so sweeeet!”


Sweden 1-0 Switzerland

a swathe of suave supporters sweltering in the sun
sweaty Swedes swarm across the sward
swarthy Swiss swiftly sweeping forward
a swivel and swipe from Emil Forsberg
and it’s the Swedes who swagger!

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/penalties/