Poems tagged ‘Superstition’

Reasons Why Your Team Lost

Did you drink your morning coffee
from the cracked mug?
Did you eat two shredded wheat?

Did you shave, or not shave
(whichever works this season)?
Did you clean your teeth left-handed?

Did you pick the right shirt,
the ’98 away one with
the cigarette burn on the sleeve?

Did you get the number 8
and sit upstairs, five rows back?
Did you walk the long way to the ground?

Did you get your dinner at
the chippy by the bridge, and
your programme from the double denim guy?

Did your lift your right foot
when the teams ran out, and
untie your lace before the second half?

Are you – and this is the most important –
wearing your lucky pants?

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/superstition/