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Simón saves for Spain ~ Day 18 Euro 2020 haiku

Simón saves for Spain

stretched and tight they win on pens

ten men Swiss are rolled

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Swiss Roll Magnifique! Day 16 Euro 2020 haiku

‘Swiss Roll Magnifique!’

France go out in epic style

who could forsee this?

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As Locatelli zoomed his second home
To a rapturous Stadio Olimpico, in Rome
I leapt up and screamed aloud at the T.V?,
“Strewth! I’ve just witnessed reincarnation
A nation’s unadulterated iconic jubilation
At a scene, seeped in sheer Tardelli ecstasy”.

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Wales & Italy’s Day 6. Euro 2020 haiku

penalty aside

Bale and Ramsey steal the show

Wales are nearly there ~


now well in the mix

Azzuri sweep Swiss aside

last sixteen spot theirs ~

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Day 2. Group B Matches. Euro 2020 haiku

all that matters here

is that Eriksen’s ok…

get well Christian ~

(Denmark 0-1 Finland. Group B. Euro 2020 – 12 Jun 2021!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Belgium are back

Lukaku fires two for his mate

Russia swept aside ~

(Belgium 3-0 Russia Group B. Euro 2020. 12 Jun 2021!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Day 1 & 2. Group A Matches. Euro 2020 haiku

two fine headed goals

Swiss can’t quite roll over Wales

stalemate in the end ~

(Wales 1-1 Switzerland . Day 2 Group B. Euro 2020).


passing with such ease

Italy’s persistence breaks

Turkey’s stubborn wall ~

(Turkey 0-3 Italy. Day 1. Group A. Euro 2020. Jun 11 2021!)

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Sweden England Next haiku

Sweden England next
hopefully play-actingless
and a finer game


Sweden 1-0 Switzerland

Zlatanless but through
One deflection is enough
To cut this Swiss roll

furnished with success
flat pack four Ikea like
Sweden build their home

ten man Swiss compound
Blagult are still in the mix
England now await


Colombia 1-1 England
England win 4-3 on penalties.

dear oh dear oh dear
where on Earth do we begin
to pen our relief?

nervy night again
no Rashford* or Loftus Cheek
we looked poor upfront

through but only just
penalty hoodoo undone
but we must improve

coming home the cry
suddenly on ev’ry lip
wiil it be in tears?

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World Cup day 19

Forsberg sends Switzerland home
Sweden 1-0 Switzerland

Some thought the talisman
Retired in the autumn
Sweden are a team now
No Zlatan, no problem

Forsberg’s shot deflected
Helvetia chuck the towel
Swiss Lang is soon sent off
For a very late foul

Magical run runs
As the Swedes beat the Swiss
For the first time since 1994
It’s World Cup Quarters bliss


Penalteam England are in the last eight
Colombia (3) 1-1 (4) England

When it comes to a spot kick
It’s that man Harry Kane
With seconds left on the clock
Yerry Mina inflicts the pain

We go to extra time
90 minutes and add ons are up
Sweat in gallons and nails are bit
This is the World Cup

Hendo and Bacca fail to net
Pickford, Dier, destiny on a date
We have news for you
England are in the last eight

03 07 18

© emdad rahman

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Brazil / Swiss Advance haiku-WC Day 14

Brazil & Swiss Advance

what then have we learned
as Brazil and Swiss advance …
both blow hot and cold

strong>Serbia 0-2 Brazil

is it on the cards?
when they purr they start to stroll
who wil beat this lot?

love or loathe Neymar
with his flicks and tricks he does
ev’rything but score

Serbia regret
leaving it so late to start
have Brazil returned?


Switzerland 2-2 Costa Rica

far from convincing
Swiss roll into last sixteen
like some mountain stream

always great to watch
Costa Rica score at last
a place in our hearts

knowing they are out
Costa Rica force a draw
they’ll be back again

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World Cup day 14

Swedes and Mexico go through
Mexico 0-3 Sweden

El Tri are in shock
As the Swedes seal top
Germany are sent packing
A huge World Cup flop

Augustinsson is first
Granqvist puts Sweden in control
The Scandinavians make sure
With Alvarez’s own goal

Janne Andersson’s Sweden
Were in third place before play
Surely Mexico will announce
A Korea Republic Day

Auf Widersehen champs
South Korea 2-0 Germany

Team DFB make shockwaves
As South Korea leave it late
Their worst World Cup
Since 1938

Yes you heard that right
The champs are sent away
Whilst Mexico will surely dedicate
A South Korea day

Kim and VAR score on ninety
Then Son doubles the pain
Some of Jogi’s selections
Now look totally in Sane

Brazil march on
Serbia 0-2 Brazil

Paulinho and the boys will shine
On Brazil our family agree
No chance of a shock here
So we switch on and enjoy ITV

No ones forgotten the nineties
I wanted them to suffer a rout
With Neymar leading the charge
To be frank I’m glad they’re out

Set piece second from Thiago
Neymar’s goal record still lean
Brazil top Group E
To face Mexico in the last 16

Ticos fight back but Swiss are through
Switzerland 2-2 Costa Rica

Kendall Watson for Costa Rica
It’s their first of this World Cup
There awaits a game against Sweden
Team Nati are group runners up

Dzemaili returned the favour
Switzerland go 1-1
Ticos heads drop
Drmic looked to have it won

Bryan Ruiz with his last kick
Sort of scores the spot kick he took
Bit lucky with the rebound
Off Sommers the Gourmet cook

27 06 18

© emdad rahman

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