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A day with orphans!

‘Who’ll hear the orphan’s cry?
‘They’re full of fear and dread’
We took our team on the road
To play football with them instead

Haji Eusuf orphanage, Chattak
We met 53 orphans that day
Zoinul and Moshahid had it all lined up
Rounding off with some sunset play

We took pictures and shared gifts
The orphans smiles put us to shame
We were itching to get on that pitch
To play the beautiful game

So gaffers Shaheed and Mehdi
List two orphan teams on a pad
Favourites Abdal, Waj, Abu, Yarimi
Bench stars Saif, Diya, Emdad

But we didn’t care for big names
The orphans were fighting fit
They ran and ran like Olympians
With us adding our little bit

I had to pull a trick for a goal
But then Yarimi beat the keeper
My shot came off the post
Diya pounced for the winner

With plenty game time left
It was time for a dirty prank
Poor Abdal smashed into the hoardings
Only way to stop that tank

With Abu pulling the strings
Saif was our brick wall
Ref Jay whistled to give us the win
Our orphans stood proud and tall

‘I’ve never seen them so happy,
‘I pray you’re all blessed from above’
A local expressed her feelings
On football spreading the love

At the Human Relief Foundation
Raisah’s match summary
Gobindogonj has played host to
The ‘best game in HRF history’

‘Who’ll hear the orphan’s cry?
‘They’re full of fear and dread’
We took our team on the road
To play football with them instead

© emdad rahman

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We see and yet don’t comprehend
how the ability to defend
successfully stymies
all the style and substance
of the natural artists;

They, with extravagant brushstrokes
wish only to depict the valiant and vain
but it is the proud defenders of faith
who battle and belittle
in the vexatious wind and rain;

These bold stalwarts who link arms
yet boast little, in the way of charms
they stand tall and strong
and give credence to every underdog
that wants much more, than to play along;

Cast a cold eye on a raging night
and just see that audacious delight
when a criss-crossed pattern bulges not
and seething strikers shiver and sin
with not an ounce of a winning shot!

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/the-art-of-defending/