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WC2018 Day 22 – haiku – free!!

10/07/2018 14:00 haiku – breaking news!!!

Rescuers win through
Miracle, science or what?
Wild Boar FC free!

Brit divers on team
Thais will now support England
Three Lions and Wild Boars!



I’m an expert (or so I’d like to think)
but I look back at pre-tournament predictions
and I’m way off beam

partly that was down to me
not wanting to jinx
my own team

but also
this World Cup has thrown-up
so many googlies

that it could nearly be cricket!
though that’s a kop-out
and leaves me on a sticky wicket….

would I rather be right
and see all results
go to form?

or are we better off
far removed
from the pre-plotted norm?

for isn’t this unpredictability
half the fun of the fayre?

to see teams going for it
when normally
they wouldn’t stand a prayer?

so are we prepared
to take
a pummelling with the odds?

especially when, as an unexpected bonus
it is England who potentially have
one of the World Cup winning squads?!?!?!

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WC2018 Day 21 – haiku


England 2-0 Sweden; haiku

Harry scores the first
Familiar name on scoresheet
Maguire not Kane tho

Dele Alli heads
Ball nestles in onion bag
A much needed goal

For every goal
Millions of pints go
Flying through the air

In total control
Is this really England?!?
Nation loving it!


Croatia 2-2 Russia; haiku

Penalty shoot-out
Modric and his merry men
Croatia stun hosts


Better than World Cup haiku

Cave Divers are go!
International Rescue
For Wild Boar FC


Wild Boar FC
Need a goal or two –
Not the ball nestling in the net
But short term targets to keep hopes up
As the water rises, knee deep;
“my favourite food”
“not too much homework please”
“don’t forget my birthday”;

Now it’s taking true teamwork
To get everyone out alive
Divers and experts collaborating
While tv reports elaborating
On the plans and attempts so far…

International Rescue for real

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WC2018 Day 19 (pre)

England facing
A rising tide
Of public expectation

Wild Boar FC
Face a rising tide
In monsoon season

Diving could yet be
The key to both

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WC2018 Day 18

Priority haiku

Wild Boar football team
Trapped in underground caves
Hang in there boys!


Brazil 2-0 Mexico

Samba stars shake hips
Neymar, Willian lead the dance
Brazil dominate


Neymar notches stat
Two hundred twenty seven
All time top scorers


Belgium 3-2 Japan

surprise two nil lead
Red Devils claw back from brink
Blue Samurai blues

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/wild-boar-fc/