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WWC 2019 Semi-Final: Lyonesses

we watched
and we willed;
a whole Nation –
that wanted to be thrilled

display wise, we were
of that, there is no doubt
but all that was missing
was a winning shout

VAR worked against us
but then went our way
only poor Steph Houghton (mighty captain)
couldn’t put the penalty away

valiant losers:
an all too familiar theme
but this Nation salutes
this laudable Ladies team

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State of Mind

This wonderful Women’s World Cup
makes me forget Manchester City, Real Madrid
and PSG

In life people in love
forget the things around them easly

But here and now there is
The Women’s World Cup
which brought me
this Real Madrid-alike forgettness

I don’t know who and when
(probably City and L’pool)
was involed in the “tightest title race ever”

I even don’t remember which team
played in the worst ever Champions Leage Final

I never heard of Neymar

But now, we have
this wonderful Women’s World Cup

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Within The Women’s Game ~ WWC 2019

I remember the first time I watched doubles at tennis
it was too fast
points over too quick and low on rallies and drama
but i got into it and stuck with it and now I love it
just like all those enforced Queen’s newbies this week
when Andy Murray marked his return in doubles
in front of suddenly packed houses late in the day
what’s in a name indeed?

it was like that with my first real women’s live game
there on the screen in the early days
a Women’s FA Cup Final : Arsenal v Chelsea
but at Peterborough or somewhere in front of maybe 5000
mainly mums and little girls
the levels weren’t there yet
the atmosphere like a school swimming gala
and shock horror a girl commentating!

but I watched it
and I’m not proud to admit
I watched it
not just because it was on the BBC
and not just because I loathe Sky BT et al
but because it was on and because it was free

but it got me into it
and yes it took a while but after a bit I was hooked
and I realized and remembered there and then
that aside from some grainy black and white WW1 footage
and two great books on Lily Parr and the wonderful Dick Kerr Ladies
(before those in charge took it on themselves
to ban the Women’s game from 1921 -1970 )
I’d never really bothered to take a look more closely
why….concepts concepts concepts maybe?

and then the proverbial penny dropped
this game we love
so macho and male dominated for so long
was for everyone and always has been
but for whatever reason
neglected un-supported and not taken seriously
un-encouraged for decades by the so-called ‘powers that be’
no doubt compounded
by that archaic and totally un-pc suggestion
from the unbeareably creepy Sepp Blatter
“‘Let women play in tighter shorts'” ***
god forbid!

fortunately times have moved on
money and funding worldwide has begun
and yes Women’s fooball
still has a long way to catch up
but sitting here entralled
watching this Summer’s World Cup in France
free on terrestrial TV to boot
the skills the endeavour
the celebratory atmosphere
the colour and noise from travelling fans in their droves
from here Canada Australia Nigeria Japan USA and beyond
but above all
the new levels of sophisticated and stunning football
from incredible goalkeeping and sturdy defending
to sweet moves and fearless strikers
is something else and a joy to behold

if you haven’t done so already check it out now
you won’t be disappointed
it might just grab you
and have you saying to yourself too …
there is so much to admire and enjoy
within the Women’s Games

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/womens-football/page/2/