Bermondsey Mile

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Walking round the, Bermondsey mile,
I love the people, they make me smile,
They bowl along, all second to none,
always look like, there having fun,
dressed in clobber, as smart as you get,
Having it large, or having a bet,
but theres one-thing I know, you’re sure to see,
they all get over the Den, to support Millwall F.C.
a proud ol lot, from fathers to son,
like Pie n Mash, its second to none,
so if you’re ever in the manor, try an stop for a while,
try have a gander, round the Bermondsey mile,
and when you leave, you’ll never forget,
of seeing the MiIlwall, the Millwall jet set,
we got it all there, the best team in the land,
our Bermondsey, without the sand,
top people, best girls, who’ve got that unbeatable smile,
best place on earth, The Bermondsey mile,



Bermondsey is the place of places,,,,,you’ll always see those smiling faces

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/bermondsey-mile/