Come Back Kenny

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And turn defences dizzy
With your Presley hips
As your magic dazzles all who watch
Come back Kenny
And once more your name an anthem
Reaches the Red skies from throats
Blistered with hope and expectation
Come back Kenny
And warm your heart
In the glow of our love reflected from
The shirt of the glorious number 7
Come back Kenny
And let your goals sing from your boots
And your face be split again
By the broadest of beams
Eclipsing the sun
Come back Kenny
With your lightning turns and fierce drives
Plunging a stake into the heart
Of those who dare to tread
Upon your territory
Come back Kenny
And let you skills speak of
Your wonderful deeds
And leave interviews for those who talk
But cannot walk
Come back Kenny
Leave us breathless again
As we watch shots from acute angles
Leave Pythagarus bewildered
And the net bulging
Come back Kenny
And bring again those rising curling shots
That would drift deceptively beyond
Agonised fingers
A beautiful perfect arc between
Post and crossbar
Come back Kenny
With your slide-rule passes
Perceptive touches the sweetest passes
Come back Kenny
No better feet
No better heart
No better head for the crown of Anfield
And all other days to be…

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 (c) sharon marshall 9th february 2004


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/come-back-kenny/