Divers of the World

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The 2 thousand and 6 World Cup began
The Germans arranged according to plan
When organising, they don’t need guided
A theatre and stage, each stadium provided
Firstly Costa Rica gave the Germans a test
But the hosts prevailed in a 6-goal fest
As each game passed I began to dismay
At what would unfold in the action replay
Contact was made and sometimes was not
But players reacted as if they’d been shot
When the cheats writhed in ‘pain’ with injury contrived
We’d see a swift resurrection as the stretcher arrived
Watching players of undoubted world class
I screamed at them “get up off yer ass”
Referees we know their task is so hard
But theatrical divers should be shown a card
The whole world witnessed, and kids included
Can’t help feeling we’ve all been deluded
Should we fear for the future of the beautiful game
If so, some players should shoulder the blame
The best in the world should lead by example
On the game’s good name, they should not trample
Don’t mean to be bleak but I hope we’re united
This world cup was severely blighted


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/divers-of-the-world/